Why Clients Love Ellen W. Interior Concepts


Get to Know Ellen W. Interior Concepts

Based in Philadelphia, Ellen W. Interior Concepts is an interior design company specializing in defining their clients’ personal style and transforming their homes into spaces that feel exclusively personalized and functional. We consider design an art and aim to give our clients classic timeless spaces that will endure trend after trend.

Ellen W. Interior Concepts’ team is comprised of licensed and certified professionals. Because of their background, experience and training, Ellen W. Interior Concepts is able to take a white-glove, full-service approach to interior design.

EWIC uses retail and custom sources to create a highly personalized luxurious space for less than retail price – the result is a process that is exciting, seamless and worry free that produces a beautiful, functional space that exemplifies Bold Living.




Meet the impeccable eye behind the most elegant interior design firm in all of Philadelphia.

 In just three short years, Ellen W. Interior Concepts was transformed from a simple dream into a vivid reality, all due to its intrepid Owner and Principle Designer, Lauren N. White.

Lauren, a Philadelphia native, has undoubtedly inherited the city’s rich tradition of artistry and style, accompanied by her own creative touch, to curate some of the most beautiful floor plans a camera lens has ever captured.

After an unfulfilling stint in Corporate America, Lauren decided to utilize her gifts in a more serious manner by earning an internship that would allow her to perfect her craft in Staging & Design.

Once she honed her skills, Lauren was able to not only launch, but rapidly grow her business by way of multiple social media outlets as well as positive testimonies from extremely satisfied customers.

Aside from Ellen W. Interior Concepts obvious success, Lauren is most proud of her ability to ensure that each project is up to code and completed in a timely fashion in addition to being aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Lauren takes immense pride in her company’s professionalism and making sure that each one of her clients is shown the utmost level of respect and appreciation while paying close attention to every detail throughout the duration of the design and or staging process.

No project is too big or too small, but every project will be done just right.