Green Lane Project

Our client Elfant Pontz Properties trusted us with staging the first 1-bedroom unit of 29 spacious luxury apartments. This is a new construction building. Located in the Manayunk section of Philadelphia, the staging was aimed to attract a younger renter as this section of Manayunk houses many off-campus college students.

Rainor Street Project

Not only was our client a real estate agent and investor, this property belonged to her family. It had sentimental value to her. We kept that in mind along with the location of the property and who the potential buyer would be when we staged this house. 

Locust Street Project

This West Philadelphia property is located in an up and coming neighborhood. We stage it for a forward thinking buyer that loves urban living. This rehab came with all the bells and whistles. It's going to make someone a happy homeowner.

Bouvier Street Project

Although this was this investors first flip, he understood the importance of real estate staging. Located in the West Oak Lane section of Philadelphia he understood who his potential buyer would be and asked through our expertise in staging we present a lifestyle that said buyer would fall in love with. This property was offered full listing price in 2 days.

Cobbscreek Staging Project

The investors of this West Philadelphia property not only wanted to emphasize affordable living, they wanted luxury as well. They asked us to stage the living and dining room so potential buyers could visualize modern urban luxury. The property went under contract in 12 days.  

The White Room

Our client had two request with the design of her living room and dining area: all white with hot pink accents. Our clients request is our command.

Nursery Goals

This nursery was done with extra love because it was for my niece Sloane. My sister wanted whimsical and whimsical she received. Despite the space being super small and awkward I used my expertise in floor planning to maximize the space without it looking over crowed and cluttered.  

Parker Ave

This was a fresh start for our clients, a new construction 3 story home. Our clients had great furniture for us to work with. Great bones as they say. We added the meat.

Brewerytown Stage

We assisted this flipper not only with design but staging as well. This upcoming area in Philadelphia, PA is a hot spot for the young and hip. We staged this Brewerytown property to reflect what we thought the buyer would like. Property sold in no time.

Bedroom Refresher

This was a super fun mini makeover. New bedding, a rug, mirrors and a few extras was all that was needed to give this room the cozy feel it desired. 

Pottstown Project

This Pottstown couple purchased this home in Feb 2017. With the oddly shaped floor plan they needed help defining the space and furnishing it. We handled all of the above.

Ardmore Stage

After being on the market for 3 months with no movement our client gave us a call. We assisted her with some cosmetic changes and staged the property as if it was a design job. A week after the house was staged it sold for the full asking price.

Germantown Parlour

This house is in the heart of historic Germantown. When we were contracted to do this small living room we wanted to pay homage to the parlour. We mixed old concepts with new concepts and birthed a room that is worthy of great conservation.

Bachelor Pad

We had 1 week to complete this project. Our client contacted us on a Monday and this install was complete by the following Monday. We work well under pressure.

Upper Darby Bathroom Reno

This bathroom had a extra large window in the middle of the bath tub area. We removed the window, gutted the entire bathroom and installed new plumbing. We added a 19 inch soaker tub, an ultra modern pedestal sink and a glass barn door.