Lauren, a Philadelphia native, has undoubtedly inherited the city’s rich tradition of artistry and style, accompanied by her own creative touch, to curate some of the most beautiful floor plans a camera lens has ever captured.

Photo from our Delaware Project

Photo from our Delaware Project

We understand having someone come and insert themselves into your home can be scary and because we are empathetic to this we have a simple process that ensures our clients will get the best overall results. Our 3 step process allows our clients to not only stay in front of the project by maintaining approvals of overall budgets and selections, it also allows them to sit back over the course of the project and trust our team.

Step 1: Consultation and Survey

Our consultation will set the tone for the overall project. By the end of the consultation we will have established an understanding of our clients vision and style. Most importantly we will have a budget and timeline allowing our clients to sit back and leave everything in our hands.  

Step 2: The Design Phase

This is the phase when our clients allow us creative freedom to translate what we learned during the consultation and turn it into a full design. This phase can take several weeks but it allows us to culminate a full design presentation. This is when our clients really get excited because they can see the vision starting to take shape. 

Step 3: Installation

After the design is approved, it's time to make the vision come to life. During this phase our client's design is being ordered and delivered over the coming months. If renovations are being done, this is the time construction is happening. Lastly, our full service white glove installation allows clients to enjoy a magazine worthy space, with all the little details.


  • Staging

  • Space Planning

  • Re-Design

  • Finish Selections

  • Purchasing, Procurement and Installation

  • Furniture, Accessory and Art Selection

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